Selected Play Titles


Strindberg's Visitor
Good Morning Heartache
Vow of Silence
Southern Style
Conversation on the Munjoy Hill Bus
Possum, Dying
Watch Out for the Deer
Dialogue Concerning a Blue Convertible
Peace, Is It?
Snow White/White Heat
Pretend We're Friends
Love, Chocolate, and Steenrod Algebra
As the Charm Fades
Revenge of the RoXXXies
Ave Maria
Blue Moon
Cassandra at Food Lion
Filene's Fire Sale
Her Purse
I Love Your Eyebrows
Still Burning
Trump in Sodom
Life Mirrors
Finish Me
Sister from the Lake
The Daughter in the Basement
Cinderella and The Iron Stove
Sorry, Right Number
Hell Hath No Fury
The Senator's Twin
Of All the Girls
Second Sleep
Still Working on It
The Tune

One acts:

Variations on a Dream
Tomorrow, Illumination
Like Candlelight Draws Smoke
The Play You're About to See
Voices from the Hill
The Second Martyrdom of Joan


When Angels Whisper
What You Inherit
The Fairest
Harbor Hope